Peugeot Car Design Advanced Metromorph to Walk on Walls

One more design future vehicles from the manufacturer Peugeot, France. Departure from the requirements of energy-friendly vehicles and increasingly limited land large city parking lot in the future then this unique car concept was created. If you’ve seen his movie Minority Report Tom Cruise, you may not be familiar.

‘Designed by Roman Mistiuk, Metromorph Peugeot concept much like the characters in his movie Minority Report Tom Cruise. This concept also takes the idea of the Transformers characters. Future vehicles can be operated in two modes: first as a battery-powered electric cars as well as a balcony! This car can crawl and climb on walls of buildings and parking right in front of your apartment window.

This is a solution to the increasingly limited parking in the future in line with its increasingly crowded cities. This vehicle is for two people and the seats can rotate on an axis that keeps the rider follows the vertical orientation. Two electric motors in-wheels on the front drive wheels of this vehicle. Two large doors will open at the top to go out. Is this the future of transportation in the gadget? Time (and movies) that will prove it ..




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