NASA Scientist Reveals 2012 Doomsday Conspiracy Theories

Associated with the rampant rumors in cyberspace that the Earth will end in December 2012, a scientist at NASA, Dr. David Morrison attempted to answer these concerns in a scientific way.

As reported the Daily Mail, Friday (23/10) scientists who manage the services ‘Ask an Astrobiologist’ is an article published in the Astronomical Society of the Pacific express, doomsday predictions in December 2012 allegedly came from a science fiction writer who writes about the civilizations of Mesopotamia ancient Sumer that a planet named Nibiru will hit the Earth on that date. Dr. Morrison himself to doubt that the planet Nibiru exist.

Therefore, even though the Mayan calendar ends in 2012, does not mean the world will end anyway, he explained. “To an astronomer, a statement that a little stubborn about a planet that says ‘no’ but apparently ‘invisible’ it is a matter of ignorance,” he said. He added that if Nibiru exists, of course he was tracked by other astronomers both professional and an amateur in the world. They will not stay silent notify the public if the planet is entering our solar system. Problem Mayan calendar ending in 2012, he explained, “an ancient calendar has become an attractive material for historians, but an ancient calendar that does not fit with our ability to track or timeliness of such calendar we use today.

The bottom line is the calendar, both contemporary and ancient nature, not able to predict the future of our planet or to warn the things what would happen to the appropriate calendar, “says this scientist. He also dismissed the belief that the circulation of 2012 in a virtual world that mention the planets in the Milky Way are on parallel lines and disrupt the Earth’s gravitational and magnetic field can reverse the rotation of the Earth.

“Although the Earth’s magnetic poles rotate every 400,000 years does not mean it harm. Rotation of the Earth turned towards it never happened and it did not happen,” he said. Dr. Morrison is blaming all the scenarios that caused the 2012 Hollywood film making is triggered by the proliferation of advertisements in the virtual world the film before the premiere aired. As a result, he said people become ‘kosmophobia’, fear of the disasters that befall humans No registration. “I can only hope that the public be able to distinguish between Hollywood and the movie plot where the reality,” he said.


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