Most Expensive Luxury Trends Vertu Phones


Vertu is a “craft, ‘producer of luxury cellular telephones and is rejuvenating it’s” Ascent, “collection this year with the release of the Vertu Ascent Ti. At less than $ 7,000 this Could be Considered a “budget” model. As with the entire range of Vertu phones, the Ascent Ti is completely hand-assembled, using only the best quality materials, in this case, a Titanium chassis, calfskin leather cover, a sapphire crystal screen and polished ceramic keypad. This particular model is available in red, black or brown.

The designer, Frank Nuovo said, “The Vertu Ascent Satisfies a demanding public, with top level technical characteristics, having 3G quad band technology and therefore being usable Practically all over the world, and a 3-megapixel camera with flash and VGA resolution.” Pls Certainly compared to the rest of the range, this can only be described as “cheap.” The signature diamond for example has 943 diamonds set into the bezel and 48 more in the keys with a total weight of 8 carats. As usual, if you have to ask, you can not afford it. I am still waiting for my sample. Vertu’s Signature Diamond Model. Ugly, but expensive:

Vertu are based in London and employ more than 200 highly-skilled craftsmen. Any precious metals used in the assembly are certified and stamped by the Swiss Assay Office. Only the finest leather is used, and According to Their website, despite selecting only the best Northern European hides, up to 65% of every hide is rejected as being sub-standard. In keeping with the ultra-exclusive, ultra-luxury theme, Vertu also offer a concierge service, available 24 hours a day, almost anywhere in the world That provides information Suitable Such as finding a restaurant or making theater reservations. Another service – “Fortress,” allows you to back up your phone’s contact and calendar information with a single click. The data is backed up to an ultra-secure servers maintained in an ex-military underground bunker in an undisclosed location in England. Luxury indeed.


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