Toyota Launches Cruises

Toyota Motor Corp. New product launches on Tuesday (6 / 9) at the port ofYokohama. Why in the harbor? Since being launched this time not a car but the ship.

Size 35 foot vessel is designed for those who like exploring the oceans, includingthose who like to fish for Marlin. Toyota uses a lot of sophisticated technologypreviously developed for cars. With the advantage that Toyota hopes to develophis boat manufacturing business, according to Reuters.

The world’s largest automobile manufacturers began to produce cruise shipssince 1977. Last year Toyota sold 34 ships and 34% control of the market in its class. In the 8-meter vessel segment, Toyota’s top three.

The latest ship named Ponam 35 with two engines each with a capacity of 4.5liter engine derived from the Toyota Land Cruiser. This ship is also on the stability control that makes this ship is more stable than conventional produsan artificialvessel.

“The function was derived from technology used to stabilize the car,” saidExecutive Vice President Shinichi Sasaki on the media in the Port of Yokohama.
Currently Toyota does not sell this boat Ponam Series in Europe or the USA, where the boats over 60 feet which is more popular. While Ponam size 28, 35 and 45 feet.

The targeted market is Japan, including cooperation with waterfront restaurantsand hotels.

Lexus also offers a buyer for a 10-minute sail to the dock at Tsutumi Ponam,Lexus manufacturer to receive a car that comes out of the production line.

China has also considered the potential for a lot of new rich who can afford to buya yacht worth 59 million yen ($ 766,500). Toyota targets to sell 15 units per year.


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