FT-86 Latest Version Shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

Toyota Motor Corp. continue to refine the FT-86 Coupe by preparing the latestversion of the concept will be introduced at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.According to Toyota, this new concept model will be faster, lighter and more sporty than the two previous versions of the concept. The model is more focusedconcept for use in circuits than ever before.

The latest version is named Toyota FT-86 Concept II, the same name as its predecessor despite having a number of refinements. The previous versiondisplayed at the Geneva auto show earlier this year. While the first version alreadycrossed the globe, including a stop at the exhibition of Indonesian InternationalMotor Show 2011 in Jakarta.

Consummation is not yet known what kind of sports car dilakuan this. That all will be revealed when the sheath is opened at auto show in Germany.

Interestingly, this is for the first time Toyota FT-86 alongside the Subaru ConceptBRZ. Both share a platform even though the process of development goes according to their respective characters.



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  1. Thanks for the post. I almost passed your site up in Bing but now I’m glad I clicked the link and got to browse through it. I’m definitely a lot more informed now. I know quite a few people that will want to check it out. They’ll definitely get a kick out of what I just read too. LOL. –Marie


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