Creation Mysteries of the Universe

According to Al-Quran, the Universe is made up of a tremendous explosion and eventually formed a life. But, is that correct? Let’s explore the truth.

According to the Big Bang theory, the Earth already was about 13.7 billion years old. In the early universe there has been a phenomenon named after the Big Bang (Big Bang). So, according to Big Bang Theory proposed by Georges Lemaitre.Universe and all its contents including the time and space created by a huge explosion, just like what is said in the Quran.

(Photo Georges Lemaitre with Albert Einstein)

The Big Bang Theory is said that before the universe was created, there is only a thermal energy which is very dense. Until one day, a solid heat energy is expanded and exploded. one by one component of that life until eventually it is today. Georges Lemaitre is one who proposed the theory. He was a Belgian Roman Katoli Priory. While Alexander Friedmann is a person who has filed the equation of the Big Bang Theory.

Considerable evidence supports the truth of this theory. Model framework of this theory relies on Einstein’s general relativity and some simple assumptions, such as homogeneity and isotropy of space.

The equation mendeksripsikan Big Bang theory was formulated by Alexander Friedmann. After Edwin Hubble in 1929 found that the distance of the earth with a very distant galaxies are generally proportional to the red shift, as disugesti by Lemaitre in 1927, this observation is considered to indicate that all the galaxies and star clusters which very much has a speed that is directly visible away from our point of view.

Looks increasingly remote, the faster speed it seems. According to the statement above, it is true that the universe continues to expand. The farther the distance that one with another. Means the vast universe, from just a collection of thermal energy to become a heavenly bodies and there is no life in it. Here is the Illustration of the Big Bang event: (The formation of Sun-Sky Objects and Other Objects)


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