Latest CellPhone 2011 with GPS Technology

Latest CellPhone 2011 GPS technology. World development and information technology is rapidly increasing advances such as for location-based services (location-based services LBS), users of GPS (global positioning system) in a number of platforms were “exploded” in recent years.

Issues and information about New CellPhone 2011 with the majority of GPS technology had been presented by iSuppli Corp., a research institutes around the world and the latest electronic technology in its report, Monday, July 19, 2010. In the report, iSuppli predicts, in the final quarter of 2011, an estimated 79.9 percent of mobile phone / cell phone is shipped, or about 318.3 million units, will be equipped with GPS technology. This figure increased dramatically compared to the first quarter of 2009 which only reached 56.1 percent or 187.8 million equivalent units. The sharp rise more or less influenced by the high absorption of the smart phone market or also known as smartphones. “Smartphones are the key technologies driving the industry today. And, social networking services and applications like the average need of GPS technology are important elements in the smartphone market, “said Dr. Jagdish Rebello, principal analyst with iSuppli director at the same time, Monday, July 19, 2010.

Latest CellPhone 2011 GPS Technology Latest CellPhone Photo 2011 GPS Technology (Ist) Later, smartphones will overtake PNDs (portable navigation devices) as a device with a navigation function. In 2014, the use of smartphones will surpass PNDs GPS function. In addition, up to five years into the future, smartphones will drive the emergence of new applications based location aided also by the development of software through an open platform. Just to note, these days Apple has had just over 6,000 location-based applications. In addition to “CellPhone Terbaru 2011 GPS Technology”, iSuppli also predicts a high penetration of consumer electronic devices equipped with GPS. California research institutes estimate that about 18 percent and 42 percent laptop portable video game will embed the GPS function in 2014.


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